Back in the good old days, I used to develop Sonic the Hedgehog fan games in Flash 8. I’ve basically disappeared from the game development scene for many years now, ever since Flash’s slow and inevitable death.

However, thanks to Ruffle, Flash games are starting to make a comeback so I’m getting back at it again! Ruffle is an open-source Flash Player replacement being built in a programming language called Rust, and it’s working better than the original player that was discontinued.

Feels good to return to game development. I did try GameMaker Studio, but it just isn’t the same. Nothing compares to Flash. So I’m going back to the old days and using what I know best.

Feel free to navigate the tabs at the top to play my classics. I have no plans to make another fan game. Moving forward, I am planning for original content. I hope my future games will be enjoyed like my old ones.

Enjoy your stay!

— TheBlox —